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401(k) Solutions

401(k) plans have become the sole retirement savings vehicle for millions of Americans, but employers are increasingly subject to lawsuits accusing them of providing their workers with outdated and expensive products. Does your 401(k) suffer from poor plan design, limited and inferior investment opportunities, excessive costs, or bad investment management?

The good news is that there is a 401(k) plan that can meet the needs of employers and their workers! The Private Advisor Group 401(k) process helps companies to deliver a truly valuable benefit to their employees - helping participants pursue their retirement goals - while helping to minimize costs and time spent managing the plan.

  • Save time and money while giving employees the retirement plan they want
  • Offer participants diversified asset allocation models based on their specific needs
  • Enjoy an easy transition from your existing plan
  • Assist with compliance considerations and applicable regulations to help you manage your liability

Save money. Compensation is strictly limited to either an Annual Management Fee or Advisory Service Fee (depending on the size of your 401(k) plan). Our tiered fee schedule automatically lowers your fee rate as plan assets grow.

Boost employee morale. Professionally managed portfolios offer highly diversified asset allocation models to meet your employees' investment needs. Also, we provide the information to help them make educated decisions.

Help manage your Employer Fiduciary Liability. From assisting in creating, reviewing, or rewriting your Investment Policy Statement and conducting regular reviews to assist with compliance considerations and educate regarding new regulations, Private Advisor Group helps you stay on top of all the regulatory issues to help you manage your Employer Liability.  As a Registered Investment Advisor, our advice is always in your and your Employees' best interests.

Turnkey system. When choosing to work with Private Advisor Group, you will enjoy ease and convenience you never thought possible - starting with an easy transition from your existing plan.

Private Advisor Group will:

  • Assist with the design of your plan
  • Assist and educate on the maintenance and review of plan documents
  • Review key features of the plan with your staff
  • Assist in gathering information for participant reports
  • Assist with the transfer assets and employee data

Generally, Vendors handle all account related record-keeping and assist with ongoing monitoring by:

  • Sending quarterly statements to plan participants
  • Tracking company contributions and legal documentation
  • Handling IRS-Required ADP/ACP tests
  • Preparing the annual IRS Form 5500
  • Execution asset review
  • Conduction compliance review of TPS

We will also help your employees make educated investment decisions by:

  • Helping them assess their risk tolerance
  • Helping employers develop comprehensive investment menus to support employees' risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment goals
  • Offering 24/7 online account access
  • Giving each employee personal access to an experienced financial advisor via telephone and email
  • Teaching your employees about personal finance through articles, newsletters, and seminars

  401(k) plans that lack these features may create liabilities for Employers and could cost Employees money.