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LPL Financial

LPL Financial was founded with a pioneering vision—to help entrepreneurial financial advisors establish successful businesses through which they could offer truly independent financial guidance and advice. Today, LPL Financial is one of the nation’s leading diversified financial services companies and the largest independent broker/dealer supporting more than 13,900 financial advisors nationwide.* We are also an enabling partner to a broad range of banks and credit unions, as well as broker/dealers at leading financial services companies.

Providing Americans with investment advice has never been more important than now. At LPL Financial, we help financial professionals manage the complexities of running successful organizations by providing our customers with access to:

  • Leading-edge tools and technology
  • Independent investment research
  • Dedicated service and training
  • Open product architecture offering investment solutions
  • This mix of products and services allows our customers to focus on providing investment advice and to help their clients achieve important life and financial goals.

Who we serve

As a diversified financial services company, we serve three distinct customer groups. Independent Advisor Services meets the needs of advisors at every stage of their careers. Institution Services focuses on the needs of banks and credit unions. Custom Clearing Services works with leading financial services companies.

By tailoring our programs and services to the unique needs of our customers, we help them to stay focused on their core areas of expertise, while enabling them to provide outstanding service and strategies to their clients. Being 100% committed to the success of the financial professionals we serve is what has helped LPL Financial become one of the leading diversified financial services organizations in the country, with headquarters in Boston, Charlotte, and San Diego.

We have a proud heritage of helping financial professionals and their clients achieve their personal, professional, and financial dreams. Our strength and resources help provide our customers with a solid foundation for continued growth.

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* As reported in Financial Planning magazine 1996-2014, based on total revenues.