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What is WealthVision?

Your WealthVision Solution

The Wealth Management Program is one of the most comprehensive Financial and Estate Planning programs on the market today.  Most of the other programs on the open market are programs that do an analysis, and print the results.  The problem is that this method is a snapshot at one day in their financial lives. The Wealth Management Program updates the information daily on all of the accounts that are aggregated in the system. 

Advantages of this system:

  • You will have a personal website to access your information form anywhere there is and internet connection. 
  • What if scenarios can be created to see the effects of new estate planning ideas have on your Financial and Estate Plan. 
  • You can allow the advisors you want to have access to this information, ie Attorney and Accountant, so they can have the most up to date information about your financial plan.
  • Instant financial reports are available. Balance Sheet, Net Worth etc.
  • All of your personal documents can be uploaded to your personal password protected encrypted website.  IE: insurance policies, Wills, Trusts, Health care proxies, Income tax returns, Deeds, Title insurance.


  • Personal Financial planning for higher net worth individuals
  • Discriminatory employee benefit.  Employer can select their key people and offer this service as an added benefit of employment.
  • Business Owners.  Most business owners financial lives are so complex its hard to view how all the components fit into their future financial picture.